Outdoor Christmas Decor

After seeing a great idea on pinterest I had to give it a go. Since I have a log burner now I had some spare logs to make some outdoor decorations.

Meet Ruddie

They are simple and easy to make, all you need is a drill with a large drill bit for wood about 16-20mm and a saw to cut the branches for the legs, neck and antlers. Use a large log for the body and make 4 holes for the legs and one on top for the neck. Using a smaller log for the head make one hole on the bottom for the neck and two holes on top for the antlers. The legs are branches from a tree we cut down a while back the tops can be shaped down to fit using a mini axe but its better that they are a little too big and hammered in, that way no glueing is needed. I left the neck loose so you can turn the head. I also added a hole for a tail, I have made a smaller one and the log already had a bump for the tail. Look for some interesting branches for antlors and add eyes and a nose if desired.

Enjoy making!


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