Making Christmas

This Christmas is my first in my newly renovated home, money is tight so I decided to upcycle old Christmas decorations or make my own.

The first was made from some off cuts of skirting board that I simply glued and pinned together. I then had some old potpourri bits of pine cones and odd shapes and put them with some lights we had. The mini mirror disco balls I also found hidden in the Christmas box of the past. It was a bit fiddly to get everything in the right place and glued in but looks great.​

The next idea popped into my head as I was out running in the woods. Many branches fall at this time of year and one looked perfect for hanging some decorations. I let it dry out and then hung some crochet mini stockings on which i had planned to use as an advent calendar. Baubles are cheap to buy and i just knew these big red ones were what i needed. The other decorations i already had and now its hangs beatifully from the beam.

My nail art antlers were crying out for some festive cheer so using some old baubles they got a bit of bling

Christmas decor does not have to be expensive, please share your ideas!

I have also made a reindeer from old logs and branches for outside but i’ll save that for another post.

Enjoy creating!


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