More pallet experiences

I have previous used pallets to upcycle some electrical drums to use as side tables (using the pallets as a top). This time when I finally got my hands on some more pallets, I took it a bit further and used them to build something.

I am so chuffed with how it turned out, can you guess what it is?

I’m no expert in woodwork and there are a few things I would change like the bottom (putting the cross connectors underneath). I simply used pins, glue and screws in certain places to make it sturdy. Each shelf is resting and glued to 2 dowels. I finished it with wax and I just love how the planks are  not all square. 

Hopefully you guessed right!

Custom made shoe rack as you can never find what you ideally want in the shops, especially for your boots and I definately needed one to tidy up my shoes as I always just dump them in a pile. 


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