Victorian Coach House Renovation

7 years ago we dug out an world war 2 air raid shelter and converted a double garage into a treatment room, reception and rehab gym for a sports injury clinic. The building originally was a coach house built in a round the 1890’s which then has changed uses since but mostly and sadly into a derilict building.

My dream has always been to convert the building into my own business premises and personal dwellings. I bought the main house with my mum and it has been a long time in the planning to save up and move onto the 2nd stage of this project and be able to move into the coach house at the bottom of the garden. Last year planning was accepted for us to build a dormer up stairs to give enough space for a bedroom ensuite and to build a building extension to move the gym  into, so the former gym could become a lounge. Due to the cost of the project we decided to just go ahead with the dormer and lose the gym to still allow for a lounge. We can always add the extension some time in the future.

We had a bit of bad luck with a leak in the gym which meant the whole floor had to be ripped out and we found the previous builders had not levelled the floor so in goes 100ml of concrete and a big chunk of my budget gone. And even more bad luck the concrete mix did not work and is having to be partially dug back out and a self levelling screed put down. I wont name names for this fiasco but it is a stress I could have done without.

We got Andy Whitelaw in to do the main building work for the dormer and wow! The lads have done an amazing job. The building had an outdoor tap and drain connected to the main sewer which is why we were able to get the ensuite installed. The dormer section has created a great space and now I am just waiting for the concrete guys to come back and fix the floor in the former gym. Now all I have to do is save up some more money to complete the ensuite, install a log burner amd decorate. The project is likely to cost a whacking £22, 000 but it is so worth it, the feeling you get when you have taken an empty derilict building and you renovate it, is just amazing. I feel a real sense of achievement as I could have just bought a dingy little flat but now I have this amazing space with lots more potential to add more rooms.

Here are some before and after pictures.


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