Rag Rugging

It is exciting times at the moment I have a building project that I wanted to start and it has just been given planning permission to go ahead. The budget for the build will just about cover the major building works to be done, leaving very little for the decor so i have been scouring the internet for diy projects that make something out of the old.

This is the first project I wanted to test out and I loved it. I will be having hard flooring put in not carpet, so will need some rugs. Whilst talking to my grandad he mentioned his dad and grandad use to make rag rugs, both of which had very different styles. The first was the shag pile style where you need a mesh backing and the other was weaving rags together. I found this brilliant tutorial for the latter click here to visit the site.

Here is my first attempt with a small square to test the technique out.


I used a 25cm piece of cardboard with 23 cuts 1cm apart, instead of 3 strands I used 2. The finished square measures 18cm. It took me about 1 and a half hours to complete.

It will take a while to complete a much bigger one but I might make small squares everyday as i sit relaxing on a night and then sew together.

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