Canvas bags and mugs

Now Christmas is over and the new year begins I can now share my artwork I created for family and friends presents. For everyone I drew the intial of everyones first name in the style of zentangle.

For the women I then printed the design on to printable cotton fabric, I then used black binding to frame them. I machine sewed the binding to the back of the fabric and then hand sewed the front so no stitch could be seen. This was much safer for me as my machine skills are not great, yet! I then hand stitched these to canvas bags with the aid of spray adhesive.

Here are my initial designs with an canvas bag example below


For the men I used printable decal sheets to transfer the initials on to mugs. At first i tried using water and oil based sharpie pens to draw designs but found these scrubbed off when washed even with baking. Porcelin pens just did not give the sharp detail i wanted. So i tried crafty computer paper inkjet water slide decal paper. I followed the instructions but found the designs washed off so I went on the internet to search for some help. The original instructions say to spray your design with clear varnish to seal the ink and then place the decal varnish side up. After researching I decided to try applying the decal varnish side down. This meant I had to print my design mirror image but it worked! tips for anyone who wishes to try this, when wetting the decal do it very quick, it does not need soaking it just takes a dip. Careful when applying the decal to not over stretch it, as it is quite delicate. Make sure to get any bubbles out whilst it is still wet. Overall it was easy to do and just took a few practices on an old mug to get a feel for the decal. Here are my initial designs and two of the finished mugs.

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