Zentangle Inspired Art using Stencils

This month, each member was given a crafty afty session where they could choose the craft. This weekend it was Diane’s choice and she chose stenciling. I decided to use a stencil of a female head from Claritystamp called Madeleine with lots of spaces to fill with zentangle. If you visit Julie’s blog she will have the other crafters work up soon.

stenciling, spectrum noirs and zentangle

stenciling, spectrum noirs and zentangle

Instead of using inks to colour in the spaces, I inked up the stencil with black archival and then pressed it down on to card and put it through an embosser to get as much ink on the card as possible. The result, is the beautiful outline of the stencil. All I had to do now was fill the spaces in with zentangle. Once it was all filled in, it really needed colour so I got out my spectrum noir pens. I mounted the finished piece onto card, I did  not have the right colour card, so I used my a spectrum noir pen the same colour as the flowers and lips to colour the edge of the card that was going to show and then mounted that onto white card.I then used a small circle punch, coloured them in, in the same colour as the mount and using a round embossing tool, placed them onto some foam and rolled the tool in small circles on the back of each piece. What you will end up with is fake brad look.

Zentangle Challenges

Diva Challenge #165 is a use my tangle challenge and it was Anne Marks tangle called “Camelia” I did not quite get to grips with this tangle, my zen was not quite flowing or maybe my pen is running out of ink but I can see how versatile it can be and I have had a sneak peak at other entries. It still amazes me how everybody interprets the tangle differently, so each piece looks so unique. I have used it in a grid and free flowing.

Diva 168Its a string thing #38 was using string number 32 and the tangles aquafleur, aura leah, axlexa and aa’s. I was not quite happy with the way my patterns met in the middle so I cheated a bit and drew and cut out axlexa, glued it on to make a 3d centre.As with the diva challenge I think I need some new pens as the lines just aint popping like usual. I’m not really sure where my string went either as it represented the number 4 but that’s the way with zentangle, the end result always suprises you.

string38Happy Tangling!


5 thoughts on “Zentangle Inspired Art using Stencils

  1. Jenna, your work is beautiful!! I may have to try the stencil idea and fill it in with tangles!! Your women’s head is beautiful!! And Your Camelia is very creative and beautiful! :0) Share Humanity

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