Diva Challenge 162

This weeks challenge was to use our own initials as the string line. I was given some really good advice by Adele Bruno about string lines “One of the magical qualities of a string is that it can change, be pushed, ignored even.  It is a suggestion, simply an idea of where to place your tangles.  Once you begin, if a pattern takes you through, under, over, or in a different direction than the string line – great!  Just follow where your tangle leads.” Here is my entry using mooka and window grilles.


I have also done this weeks “Its a String Thing” by Adele Bruno, where we had to use string 47 and had the choice of cadent, crescent moon, chillon and cayke.


This saturday crafty afty was to finish off my fleather note book. Here is a link to my post on how I created the cover, I’ll warn you now it gets addictive and you will want to fleather everything. Here is a link to the second video of how to sew your pages to create your note book.

These will make lovely gifts as notebooks, cookbooks, address books etc I have even covered my zentangle challenge book. You may even notice that I have sneaked in some zentangle both pieces.


Happy Tangling!

3 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 162

  1. Wow and more wow. I like your challenge tile and I love the Tring Thing tile. The notebook is fantastic this way.

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