Diva Challenge 161 Quandary?

Quandary is an amazingly versatile tangle and when drawn neat looks stunning but it can also turn out quite messy. I have 3 ways of drawing quandary depending on what I want to achieve and they are shown further down. I thought for this challenge I would stick to a monotangle and just try lots of variations, I think my favourite is when it looks more like chunky flower petals.


I have just taught some friends how to draw quandary and first I showed them the official step outs as on tangle patterns but it got messy so I showed them how I drew it.


Version one is free hand, I use this when I feel like I have a steady hand and just go with the flow. I start with a line of horizontal rice shapes and make them into triangles and build on that. Version 2 is when I feel less steady or I want a much more structured look and want to cover a larger area or fit it to a shape, usually I draw the grid in pencil. Version 3 I find easier to use for a chunky petal effect. I think this a tangle you just have to practice and find your own way of understanding it and most importantly have fun playing around with it.

Happy Tangling!

7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 161 Quandary?

  1. Thank you for the step-out with a grid. I really struggle with this tangle, so I’m very pleased with it.
    Your tile is beautiful.

  2. Lovely exploration of a great tangle, Jenna. I like your step outs – so far, I’ve only drawn it freehand and often lose the plot along the way! I have never actually done by joining the rice shapes together – I always leave quite a gap and I think that’s why I haven’t actually mastered it. Might give it another go. Axxx

  3. Wonderful! I like your variations of Quandary. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing your step-outs! It´s so interesting to see the different way for drawing Quandary!

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