Diva Challenge 160 Spirals

This weeks challenge was  ‘string theory, spiral out, keep going’. One of the latest blog posts from zentangle.com was about spirals and I’ve been wanting to have a go since I saw it but never got round to it. Well actually I did at the weekend not knowing this was going to be the diva challenge and I will show you what I did further down.

I decided I wanted to play some more with spirals and this is my diva entry for this week. 1395847044835 I promise I did start with a spiral string and used a tangle called fassetts, which is becoming one of my favourite go to tangles.

On Saturday it was our 4th zentangle crafty afty. The group have done amazingly well, producing some lovely art which is saved for another post. Instead of picking some tangles myself to show them the step outs I gave them the chance to choose 4 from 12 tangles I picked out and punzel was one them. I told them it would be difficult and would take lots practice. As I was showing them how to draw it, I remembered how much I enjoy this tangle. So as I set them their tile challenge, I started to create a ZIA piece and incorporated some ribbon practice from Helen Williams ebook. You will also notice a few spirals in there.


6 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 160 Spirals

  1. As always, Jenna, super clever and much more complex than I could ever tackle. Your spiral is brilliant – I believe you when you say you started with a spiral, but Fassett is so deceptive! And your ZIA is just gorgeous. Love the term ‘crafty afty’!! Shame my group meets in the morning otherwise, I’d rename it! Axxx

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