Framing Zentangle

This week was our fourth Saturday crafty afty session zentangling. Last week I went through more tangle step outs and this week I started off the same to give them plenty of tangles to be practicing. Over the weeks we have created some beautiful zentangle tiles but now what do we do with them?

Well, they all liked my zentangle border I used to frame six tiles to make a picture of their first ever zentangle tiles. So last weeks homework was to decide if they wanted to frame the tiles they had already made or start from scratch and do some new tiles. It was up to them how many tiles they wanted to frame and buy a frame to fit or another option was to use one tile to make a card. I had a feeling it would take a while for them to decide so have given two weeks to get this finished before we move on to a month of ‘Sheena style’ hopefully I will get pictures of finshed projects next week.

I completed a small project today, using just one tile and creating a border to make a card.


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