Diva Challenge 158

This weeks diva challenge was a duo tangle. We had to use tangles crescent moon and diva dance, two tangles I would not think to put together. My first go was just a sketch for a possible idea and it turned out quite well, not sure what it looks like? Maybe an exotic catapillar. I then had a spare half hour between clients at work and made a tile to match.


Happy Tangling!

14 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 158

  1. Oh my! This is my favorite of this challenge! Love how you combined them in such a unique way. So creative!

  2. I always get really excited about seeing your work, Jenna; a little ‘frisson’ as the window opens on your website – and today, I’ve been totally blown away!! Absolutely gorgeous – a bit different, I think, from your other work and I love it!

  3. Great great great pieces. They look like fractals. Opened your blog and just was blown away with the beauty of this piece. Thinking no this can’t be done with crescent moon and diva dance. But you did and thats just so awwesome!

  4. This is lovely Jenna. It looks so full of life, literally like it might up and walk off the page! You’ve packed in loads of things that make me go ‘I want to try it that way too!’.

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