Diva Challenge #157

The first Monday of the month and its a ‘use my tangle’ challenge. The tangle chosen is Charlie by Erin Olson. Its a fun, sparky tangle with lots of variations possible, here is my creation.



Every Saturday a group of us get together and have a go at lots of different arts and crafts. We have done stamping, gelli plate, melt pot, iris folding, quilling, kimekomi, candles and many more. Since I started Zentangle® they have wanted to have a go. I am self taught (no czt in North of England UK) so I put this off for quite a while, learning more from books, and using online challenges like ‘I am the Diva‘ and ‘Its a string thing‘ as well as zentangle.com and tanglepatterns.com.

This month I agreed to show them how to do zentangle and the group has never been so quiet, concentrating on their tiles. These are their tiles, all so uniquely different and already coming up with their own variations (can you tell which one is mine? LOL!). I am so thrilled with the results I put them all together to make a picture and designed a border to show them off. Its now hanging in our craft room ready for when they come on Saturday.

I gave them each an art journal to draw the step outs for the tangles Tipple, Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon and Florz. For tile they used string 22. They even got homework as I showed them Betweed, Cadent, Sugarcane and Printemps to use on string 19. I Can’t wait to see how they did.

Happy Tangling!

13 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #157

  1. As ever, I am filled with admiration for your response to the various challenges that you take part in – and this is no exception. You really are very good, Jenna and your students are very lucky to be able to learn from you.
    I too give classes now – no CZTs near me either! But my students absolutely love it and my numbers are growing…One lady has thanked me with great sincerity for introducing her to Zentangle as her husband is due for a serious operation and she feels this is something that will help her deal with the stress. She’s a very accomplished artist in her own right but this is new for her.
    I’d love to do the training but it’s very unlikely and I did worry about putting myself forward to teach others….but seeing how positively people respond makes me feel it must be OK to share.
    All good wishes.

  2. I always look forward to seeing how you respond to the challenge because your tiles are consistently beautiful. You tile this week does not disappoint. I especially like the lower right orner. Congrats on the success of your teaching endeavor as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more from your students.

  3. Like your combining Charlie with Hollibaugh. From the tiles that you posted. looks like you did a good job of teaching them the tangles. From you post, sounds like the relaxation, focus took care of itself. Too bad there are no CZTs in your area.

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