Crafty Zen Afty

This month our Saturday crafty afty sessions are for zentangle® I’ve only been doing zentangle for 6 months now and ever since I started showing my creations to the craft group i’m in, they wanted to have a go. In the UK there are very few teachers for zentangle so I am self taught and took the plunge to show them what zentangle is all about. The group have never been so quiet, fully concentrating on their tiles. I started with some very simple tangles, tipple, hollibaugh, crescent moon and florz using string 22. Here are the tiles.

It is amazing how each tile is so different and even though its their first ever tile some have created their own variations of the tangles.

The second tile was given as homework as we over ran. I showed them how to draw printemps, betweed, sugarcane and cadent with string 19. Next week we will cover more grid tangles and i will show them some organic based tangles

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