Fusible Fibers ZIA

This Saturdays crafty afty was jam packed full of different techniques but the one I enjoyed most was fusible fibres.


For this you need some fusible fibers, iron, baking parchment, a stamp and archival ink. First get a bunch of fusible fibers, fluff it up and make sure you have enough to cover your stamp. Ink up your stamp with archival, and place ink side up on the table. Put your fibers on top, then some baking parchment, using a iron (non steam, travel iron is best, medium to hot temperature) go over the stamp. Try to use the whole iron and not just the tip, with pale colours you will see the ink come through slightly. It only needs abotut 4-5 strokes across. It will discolour if you do it for too long. Once done peel off the fibers and cut around your design, saving the scraps for your next go. Once I had my fibers I used a Sakura Identi pen to draw my tangles. I got some white card and drew around my fibers to work out my tangle design. Once completed, I stuck the fibers on with two sided tape, glue does not work. I finished the card by simply mounting it on to black card and then white and rounded the corners with a punch.

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