It’s a String Thing Showcase 2

Here are some of my “It’s a String Thing” entries for the last few weeks, month. The challenges have really pushed me to come up with creative ways of linking tangles together and making variations of tangles by adding them together. It has helped me find my own style within zentangle but also try things outside of my comfort zone.

Challenge 22, using string 22 and tangles retro, ragz, rain, raindotty and reticulated.


Challenge 23,  I loved this challenge and came up with 3 tiles but this one was my favourite, all 3 have now become coasters. It uses string 23 and tangles, bales, bandola, barberpole, bask, basketweave, batch, bateek and baton. And yes all tangles were included even though they did not have to be.


Challenge 24, We had to use string 15 and tangles yang, yew, y-ful, yabbut, and yincut. Y-ful took some practice.


Challenge 25, using a great string number 25 with just one tangle fassett. It uses triangles with great effect creating snowflakes or flowers but I have to say mine turned out very different to the other entries but that could be why it earned me honours of the week yeah!


Challenge 26, I’m not into heart shapes but this string was a liitle different number 39 and we could choose tangles we love. For me this is changing all the time as zentangle is still new to me but I think aquafleur is definately one to make a tile shine. Other tangles used were well, quandry, baton and barberpole.

This weeks challenge number 27 was definately out of my confort zone. Adele  who sets the challenges chose a patchwork grid inspired by the winter Olympics, string 33. I really wanted to recreate the patchwork of the Olympics as I love watching it. It just felt very awkard to draw and probably the most colourful tile I have ever done.  Have I managed to create a patchwork look?


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