Zentangled Inspired Faux Leather

Last weekend my mum showed me some crafty things she had been up.

After seeing these I just had to have a go. They will be ideal for my zentangle journal covers. If you want to create this amazing effect watch Sheena’s video below you will see some of the stages through out my attempt.

As always I wanted to see if I could combine some zentangle inspired art with this technique and the answer is YES. Because micron pigment pens are oil based there was no bleed when adding ink or when changing the texture of the card. Here is stage one

1392034887130I drew my zentangle pattern ‘leaflet’ first and then using a mixture of water and glycerin, wet the card, and patted the mixture into the card. You then scrunch it up, open it out and then wet the card again, do this up to 3 times. Once done I then used a brown distress ink to just catch the folds in the card. You will notice the card becomes much more flexible and does not tear when you scrunch it. I then ran it through an embosser using a rose embossing folder. The next stage involved colouring it further with distress inks and I also added some paint to my roses, using primary elements with a clear glaze medium. Once this dries you then cover it with spray and shine high gloss varnish.

Once sprayed it really made the tangles in the background pop. My next task will be to make it my journals front cover. You can also make these into notes books which would make a lovely gift.

3 thoughts on “Zentangled Inspired Faux Leather

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  2. Hi Jenna! I’m glad I found your faux leather post. I’m linking to you in my post scheduled for 5/2/14. I haven’t tried adding the zentangle yet, for now, that’ll be inside my book. Thanks!

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