Diva Challenge #152

Yeah! a new tangle to try out ‘Aquafleur

At first I was not sure if I was going to take to this tangle. I had few practices and then looked for some  inspiration from some of the early diva entries, immediately I saw how others had really taken to it. It is a more free flowing tangle which I always find hard at first but once it all clicked together I really enjoyed trying different shapes and shading effects. This one is my favourite combining it with scrolled feather.

Happy Tangling!

7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #152

  1. I had a little ‘frisson’ of excitement when I saw that you’d done this challenge, Jenna. I had a feeling it would be something pretty good! You haven’t disappointed – I think this is absolutely stunning!! A different take on the original and very effective. Axxx

  2. I love your choice to use it on the leaf shape. And the scrolls really do go beautifully with it. If you struggled with it at first, it certainly doesn’t show. This is lovely.

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