Moebius Syndrome Awareness

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is Friday, January 24th.

This week Laura who sets our zentangle® diva challenges has asked us to incorporate the Moebius Syndrome logo into a zentangle design. Laura’s son, Artoo, has Moebius Syndrome and I think this is a great way to spread the awareness of this syndrome.

Moebius Syndrome is a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nerves controlling the lateral movement of his face. It causes delayed developmental milestones, eating/feeding issues, club feet, low muscle tone – just to name a few things, and of course – being unable to deal with viruses. Here is a link to find out more information about Moebius Syndrome

Here is my entry to this weeks diva challenge and please share this post to increase awareness about Moebius Syndrome and if using Facebook or twitter hash tag #MSAD2014 or #moebiusawareness and on Friday 24th January wear a little purple to show your support. Take a photo of you wearing purple and use it as your profile picture for the day.


Happy Tangling!


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