This Saturdays crafty afty was spent finishing off our inspiration boards. This meant going crazy with embellishments. You don’t have to buy expensive embellishments, especially when you have old jewellery, a glue gun or a melt pot. I even used kebab sticks coloured with metallic pro markers.



My first go with the melt pot. I started simple and made some blossom for my twig. I wrapped paper around a cocktail stick, just like you would to make a paper bead, I then dipped it in clear utee. I finished them by wrapping gold wire around the base, cut off the excess cocktail stick and glue gunned them on. They came out great! The peacock feather is just thin card, using a feather die cut and then dipping in utee.

The reed on the far right is made from hot glue gun dots (so easy to make) glitzed up with some ranger perfect pearl powder. The smaller reed on the right was my first go using modge podge for the hot glue gun. Using a railing mould I squeezed some of the modge podge in and waited for it to set (few minutes) and then coloured it with metallic pro marker. This form of modge podge makes great embellishments. I did a few butterflies for someone elses board and they look amazing. I used on old necklace for other bling and finished the board with some kebab stick finely split and coloured to make the kingfisher look like it was amongst the reeds.


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