Diva Challenge #150

I think many craft groups are creating art with a similar theme at the moment. The craft group I am part of are currently making an inspirational plaque using just one word to give us motivation and pick up our spirits every time we see it. This weeks “I am the Diva” challenge is also to pick one word to be your focus for the year. Because I have used zentangle® in my inspirational plaque I thought I would also use it for this weeks Diva challenge.

My word for 2014 is




1. Courage and fortitude; spirit
2. Inherent quality of character and temperament.

Idiom: on (one’s) mettle; Prepared to accept a challenge and do one’s best.

As an athlete this means a lot to me. When I feel tired, low or when the weather is bad I just have to dig deeper and get my training done. Usually once I get going I feel so much better and when its completed, I can look at how well I did.  I always try to take a positive out of each session. Last year I struggled with my confidence in competitions and this year I want to be much stronger and therefore this word fits very well to how I want this year to be, my best yet. I think it also fits well with zentangle with each new challenge you have a chance to learn and build on your skills.
If you don’t try you never know what could have been.
Here is my inspirational plaque so far. Our next crafty afty is on Saturday, when we get to make lots of embellishments to finish it.
2014 word of the year

2014 word of the year

This is an oversized A4 canvas and is a mixed media art piece (we used acrylic paints, distress inks, stazon ink, variety of stamps, wooden letters, beeswax and tissue). If you want to learn how to create your own inspirational plaque step by step visit Julies Craft Room.  (Tip, if you don’t have a melt pot for the beeswax, you can use a double boiler technique used for melting chocolate)
The kingfisher was created by using a Ben Kwok template design which I filled in with lots of tangles. My original design was done on card and was much bigger. Using the photo I took of the kingfisher, I resized it and printed it on to tissue in order to be able to put it on the canvas. I cant wait for Saturday when I get to make some melt pot embellishments.
Happy Tangling!

6 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #150

  1. What a wonderful word! Great choice. And your piece is beautiful. I’m new to Zentangle so I’m learning a lot from the work of others. Thanks for sharing.

    My word is CREATE. This is the third year I’ve done the one word thing. I’ve loved it in the past and look forward to whatever this year brings. Especially since tangling will be part of it.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful new year!

    • Thank you for your comment. I have just seen your work and its amazing especially the grateful dead. I am also relatively new to zentangle and use the diva challenges for inspiration and learning. You will be amazed how versatile zentangle is I can not stop combining it with other arts and crafts. I look forward too seeing more of your amazing work inspired by create.

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