T-Shirt Designs

What do you get for your male family members at Christmas?  For some reason I always struggle but this year, I had the perfect idea. I would Zentangle® some t-shirts. One member of my family is a fan of Liverpool Football Club and the other Manchester United Football Club. I took a look at the logos for these two clubs and knew my idea would work really well. Here’s what I created

liverpool t-shirt

Liverpool Football Club

manu t-shirt

Manchester United Football Club

The above designs were quite simple to do, drawing the outline shape (using a template I made) and then filling the space with tangles. The third t-shirt I designed, was much more free style and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I was inspired by where I live, near the sea.

waves t-shirt

Zentangle Waves

I used black Pentel Gel Roller Pens for fabric. These feel very fluid to draw with and do not bleed or smudge. I placed a piece of card under the fabric to make it easier to draw on, and then when finished ironed on the reverse to set the ink. To learn the tangles I used, you can get the break down instructions from Tangle Patterns

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