Making Christmas Decorations

This Saturdays crafty afty included my mum (who run’s the workshops) giving us all a little gift.

blank bauble

Grungeboard Die Cut Bauble

There was a small catch, although it was great fun and messy, so we did not mind. We had to decorate them ourselves. We first had to seal them with Gesso, one side at a time I used white. Once it had dried we could then choose our base colour (we used acrylic paint). I was making my decorations for my Sports Injury Clinic and my decor accent colours are cerise pink and lime green.

You really needed patience with this as you had to wait for each side to dry. After the 1st base coat I then needed to apply another coat but this time I added a little gloss acrylic medium which gave a little shine (you just mixed this into your acrylic paint).

After more watching paint dry, mainly spent having a cuppa, eating a Bailey’s cupcake and chatting, we then did our top coat. For this I used some snowflake masks (stencil) and applied the same colour acrylic but dabbed it on thick. After taking the mask off I then sprinkled glitter all over the bauble. And here is my 1st bauble.

my bauble

A really handy trick, before you do the mask dust some talcum powder over your bauble. This will stop the glitter sticking where you do not want it to. For my second bauble I used a different mask which was actually Tim Holtz cob web. I added some embossing paste to my paint and dabbed it all over. When I peeled off the mask you were left with a very fine web imprint which looked more like a crackle effect. I decided not to glitter this one.

texture bauble

I just have to wait for these sides to dry and in our next crafty afty, which is our Crafters Christmas Party, finish the other side.  Then I will add some ribbon and a few embellishments.

Here is a showcase of some of the other crafters baubles.


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