Diva Challenge 147

This week we are to use “I am the diva” weekly challenge host Laura’s very own tangle called Boo*Kee. I found it to be quite versatile been able to use it for strings, borders but also to fill space.

diva 147Each year I make an ornament to go on our Christmas tree, this year I thought I would try to incorporate zentangle®. A few years ago I had a go at Kimekomi a Japanese craft that has been made a lot easier with polystyrene balls. I used white printable cotton fabric to draw my tangles on with Pentel gel roller for fabric. I even incorporated this weeks challenge.

zen-kimekomiIf you want to learn how to do Kimekomi you can go to Ornament Designs website. There are lots of free tutorials. I learnt from a book “Japanese Kimekomi: Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Fabric Handballs” by Barbera Suess which you should be able to find on Amazon for about £12.

These fabric balls make lovely gifts for Christmas but also for Weddings, Christenings and other special occasions.

Happy Tangling!

9 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 147

  1. At first thought this was a spiral, but with a little closer look is concentric circles. Like the variation in size on the outer edges. I have some ideas on ways to use this on an ornament also. Have not gotten around to it yet.

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