It Smell’s Alot Like Christmas

Over the weekend I needed to get stocked up for a few Christmas Fayre’s. I always try to make some special bathbombs just for the time of season. How does Cinnamon and Orange Fizzies, Spiced Pear Cupcakes, Gingerbread Butter Blasters and Christmas Pudding sound? Last year I made Christmas pudding bathbombs for my family and they went down a treat. This year now I have my license and EU registration, I am making them to sell.

Ready for orders £1.50 each

Weighs approx 75g

I always add a hint of cocoa butter to my bombs to nourish the skin.

Bathbombs are great gifts to make for your friends and family. I learnt by using kits from Bathbombbiz, you can also get some great kits for shower fluffs and jelly.

At some point I will get round to doing a basic recipe and tips post for bathbombs.

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