Diva Challenge 146

For me this was two new tangles to play with this week. We had to use Pea-Nuckle and Well. We were warned by Diva Challenge Host Laura that Pea-Nuckle was tricky and boy was she right, it is definately a challenge, I need much more practice with it. Well, was fun to use and looks great with wavy lines. Here are my two tiles for this week.

Most Saturdays’s my mum runs a craft session, this weekends fun involved candles. Her blog Julie’s Craft room shows some of our creations and also does a quick tutorial of how to create your own. I decided to see if I could create a zentangle inspired design. Here’s my candle

I think it turned out great. They make great gifts.

Thank You! for all the lovely comments made on my last diva challenge

Happy Tangling!

7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 146

  1. Great tiles, and beautifully done! Love your compositions! But… your candle is what caught my eye – how did you get the wax inked? I’d think it would really muck up any kind of pen??

    • You draw onto tissue paper first and then use a heat gun, the tissue paper melts into the upper layer of wax. There is a link to a tutorial in this post. It takes a bit of practice first to not melt the candle too much but you soon get the hang of it.

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