Fun with Candles

This Saturday crafty afty involved candles. Here’s a few of the candles

As you can see we have been busy. Want to know how we did it?

Here’s how

You will need a candle, selection of stamps, white tissue paper, baking paper, inks or paint, scissors and heat gun. To decorate you can use gems or glitter glue.

Advice on inks – distress inks are quite wet so these are good to use when using a mask, you can brush the colour on to your design (more for a background colour). Use versafine or memento ink pads for fine detail like stamping a design. If you want to stamp and then paint you can use something like the twinkling H2O paints. We also found that you can stamp using acrylic paint (but it takes a bit of practice).

1) To start you will need the tissue paper. Colour, stamp or paint your design on to the tissue paper – usually best to have a piece of card underneath as you work. Now you may find that tissue paper has a rough side and a shiny side, it is not easy to tell and it does not really matter but you may find the rough side easier to stamp onto.

2) Cut around your design (this does not have to be neat or right to the edge). Now place it on the candle where you want it to go.If you want the full bright colour of your design put your tissue paper ink side up, if you want a slightly duller, distressed image turn your tissue paper ink side down.

3) Cut a piece of baking paper so it can go all the way around the candle and a little more. Place the baking sheet on top of the tissue paper and wrap round the candle so you can grab the paper at the back to hold it tight. This is how you will hold the candle not by the candle itself.

4) Using the heat gun start around the outside of your design and work in. You will see it start to change colour or i find it just becomes more vibrant just like embossing powder (which you can also use for stamping and creating your design). It does not take long. This is the bit which may take practice you do not want to melt the candle or burn your hand, keep the heat gun moving. I would practice on some old candles first and with a small design.

5) As soon as the whole design has changed take off the baking paper immediately (you do not want it to stick to the candle). Now if you want to you can add some bling.

For a more in depth tutorial with pictures my mum’s blog is great

I wanted to see if i could get some zentangle inspired art onto my candle. I used the Sakura micron pen to draw the entire design and even shaded it with pencil.  Here is how it turned out.

I am really happy with result and the bling and ribbon really finish it off for a lovely gift.

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