Introduction to “Its a String Thing”

I have a new button on my side bar to share with you. When I first started zentangle® I found the “I am the diva challenges” these are a great way to learn and explore new tangles. This is set every Monday and people upload there own tiles for everyone to see.

Then I found “Its a string thing” run by Adele Bruno, the challenge set is a “string” with set tangles to use. This is set every Tuesday and you can email your tiles to Adele and she will showcase them and pick out a tile of the week. I was amazed when my 2nd entry was given this honour. I do find these challenges much harder, trying to stick to a design and Adele gave some great advice;-

“But that is good to keep in mind…one of the magical qualities of a string is that it can change, be pushed, ignored even.  It is a suggestion, simply an idea of where to place your tangles.  Once you begin, if a pattern takes you through, under, over, or in a different direction that the string line – great!  Just follow where your tangle leads.”

Here is a gallery of my first few entries and from now on I will post my tiles on this blog.

Even just in 5 weeks I can see my work improving.

If you want to see what string and tangles were used in each tile just visit Tickled to Tangle Blog to find the challenges.

Go ahead and give the challenges ago!

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