Diva Challenge 145

The Diva challenge this week introduced a new tangle Quib.

Here was my first attempt at just getting the feel for the tangle.

diva 145I found it to be a very free-flowing tangle, one that is hard to fit into a fixed shape.

Here in Scarborough, UK, we had our first snow shower today, its definitely got colder. As I looked out the window I saw the wind blowing all the leaves about, which gave me an idea with Quib. I have shown you my before picture and then I thought it needed a bit of colour so I used some spectrum noir pens.

Let me know how you got on with Quib!

Happy Tangling!

12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 145

  1. Jenna, I just LOVE what you have done with Quib!!!! I love trees, and I’m always doodling and whatever I can do with the image of trees! You orchestrated that beautifully!!! Would you mind if I Pin that on my Pinterest board? I have a board just for trees!!! :0) Peace be Yours!!!!

  2. I love how you got to grips with Quib, Jenna. And nice to think of you in Scarborough, which I know and love….and miss a bit now we live in Spain! Axxx

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