Cupcake Box

I thought I would share with you my cupcake box, for which I use for packaging my bathbombs. I took inspiration from custom quilling supplies, the box was just too small for what I needed, so I came up with own template.

It measures 13cm in diameter and 7 cm high and uses just one A4 sheet for the base and scraps of card for the topping. I love how this closes at the top. I combined this particular box with my current craft addiction, zentangle, for the base. I ran the topping pieces through the cuttlebug with a dot embossing folder and topped with a paper cherry.

zen cupcake

Here is a slide show of the cupcake sides

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is my, well used! template, I can not give sizes, as I actually have not measured the template itself. But it gives you an idea of how to make it for bigger gifts. The red lines are cut lines and blue lines are fold lines. I used super sticky double-sided tape to attach the topping pieces. The smaller shape at the top right hand side is for the cherry on top, stick it on with a sticky pad.

cupcake box templateYou can really mix up the colours and textures for this box and add different toppings. This box always gives a wow! factor to who ever receives it.

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