Jelly and Cupcakes

With a few hours to spare I thought I better get cracking with a bath bomb order a friend had put in last week. Well, that was my intention but I really wanted to try out my new shower jelly kit from, the only problem is you have to remind yourself you can’t eat them, they look and smell lush.


The jelly on the left I used two colours orange with a white base and on the right I used purple with heart sequins.  The instructions seemed quite complex at first but once you have everything setup and to hand it’s very easy and quick to make. The instructions say you can use a microwave or a double boiler. My first attempt I used a double boiler as there is usually less chance of it getting too hot. Big mistake, it just didn’t get hot enough and it kept setting before I could add anything. You definitely need to use the microwave and just put it on for short 10 second bursts, making sure you have covered the bowl with cling film.

Clean up after, was very easy, you are usually left with some set jelly in the bowl, you can either reheat it if there is a lot and add to your jelly moulds. Or what I did, is I found you could peel it out of the bowl and just put it in another tub, it just became a jelly putty.

Once I poured the jelly into the moulds, I put it to rest in the fridge for 1 hour. When getting it out of the mould, at first I was a bit too gentle, I didn’t want o break it but it is quite strong as you tease your fingers down the sides of the mould and pull it out. I will definitely be making these again.

While I was waiting for my jellies to set I started on my friends order, I also have some bathbombs to make for a craft fair. I made some of my special blend great for easing sore muscles, and I tried a new fragrance called “spice isle” it was gorgeous. Next it was cupcakes, I have tried lots of different ways to get the cupcake topping. My best yet is using cocoa butter and shea butter. Its done by melting the butter (ratio cocoa:shea 2:1) and then as it starts to cool and thicken, whip it. This may take about 20 minutes. Once it starts to turn white, add your colour. Keep whipping or it will go hard too fast, quickly put it in to a piping bag and pipe the butters onto your cupcake base. It will set very quickly so if you want to add anything like sprinkles or flowers do it quick. I did the cupcake base in Strawberry fragrance and its the first time I made a brown colour, mixing green and red for the bathbomb base. The topping I did in Raspberry fragrance and coloured pink. They turned out great and smell scrumptious.

cupcakeYou can get two baths out of a cupcake one with the base and one with the topping. The topping is great for dry skin and sensitive skin.

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