Diva Challenge 142

I’m currently walking round with a big grin on my face as my tile was selected for honours in “it’s a string thing” #11 Thank You Adele Bruno. This weeks “it’s a string thing” #12 allows you to use some great Halloween inspired tangles to play with.

Now onto this weeks Diva Challenge, instead of certain tangles, we were charged to come out of our comfort zone and dive straight into the danger zone. The idea been that you had to try something you usually stay away from, for some it may be grid tangles others colour, you had to stay away from your usual groove. The only problem for me is, being new to zentangle I have not found my comfort zone yet, I’m still learning and trying new tangles all the time. I do have to admit though, I seem to pick up the structured tangles quite easily like, 8’s Par Dos and Quandry and really struggle with the more free-flowing tangles like, Mooka.

So, I challenged my self to some new free-flowing tangles and use this opportunity to really practice my shading. I’m still really trying to get my tiles to flow and create that 3D effect. Before I show you my tiles, I thought I would really cliff dive into my danger zone. So far I have being playing round with the standard zentangle® squares, this week my mum had a great idea to combine our two current craft addictions. This was definitely out of my comfort zone as I really did not want to spoil my mum’s work but I think it turned out amazing.


The background was done using a Gelli Plate, inspired by the lavina stamps video. The tangles used are Ennies, Punzel, Eyelet and Ribbon and Jetties.

Here are my two tiles for this weeks challenge I decided to use Punzel, Bault, and Eyelet and Ribbon in the first and just Punzel and Floatfest in the second tile.


zen142 3

Happy Spooky Tangling!

6 thoughts on “Diva Challenge 142

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  2. The work you did on that (beautiful) Gelli print is so wonderfully whimsical!
    Punzel is one of those tangles that I just can’t seem to get my head around yet for some reason, & I think yours looks really great!

  3. Great tiles and your Punzel’s are terrific! Love how you managed to get Floatfest behind Punzel – that in itself seems like a real challenge!

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