Handmade Halloween Decorations

These are from last year but I never got round to showing them off until now. When I first found kimekomi I could not stop making them, at first they made great christmas baubles, then we were asked to make them for special occasions like christenings and weddings. Then I came across a website http://ornamentdesigns.com/ which changed my whole approach to creating these addictive ornaments. There you will find some great tutorials including the pumpkin (jack-o-lantern ornament) you see below which i just had to have a go at. I then designed my own ghost, bat and spider ornaments. These make great Halloween decorations and gifts.

If you want to learn how to do kimekomi you can go to ornament designs website or we learnt the basics from a book “Japanese Kimekomi: Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Fabric Handballs” by Barbara Suess, and Kathleen Hewitt, you can find it on Amazon for under £10.

My mum is running a beginners kimekomi workshop on the afternoon of 2nd November 2013 for £17.50 it includes 3 balls and enough material and cord to cover them, you also get to keep the templates which are reuseable. They make great Christmas gifts. We are based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK. If you are interested in attending just send me a message. Oh we usually have a coffee break with some delicious cupcakes.


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