Zentangle Challenge #141

‘I am the Diva’ challenge was set today, it included two new tangles for me to have a go at Fengle and Quandry.

I managed to pick up Quandry quite quickly but Fengle for some reason took a bit of practice but I think I managed to come up with my way of drawing it. Looking at other peoples zentangle® I love the tiles which really link and blend tangles together and this was my own little challenge on the first tile. Not quite sure I managed it but its a start.


My second tile I had an idea for fengle, which created a rose in the middle, I brought it out further with a red spectrum noir pen.


With both tiles I had no idea how they were going to turn out, I just kept going with the flow and enjoyed the time relaxing.

Happy Tangling

6 thoughts on “Zentangle Challenge #141

  1. Wow, very beautiful tile. Is it Zentangle as it has been colored, is there any specific name for this?

    Yes this is zentangle using the tangles quandry and fengle, visit tanglepatterns.com for more info.

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