Crackling Texture

This weekend my mum went for a two-day crafting retreat in Retford with IndigoBlu, two full days 9am till 7pm on day one and 9am till 5.30 day 2 learning lots of crafty techniques.

Luckily she had a few projects to finish off at home so I asked if I could learn some of the techniques.

Here is my first attempt at creating a crackled background.

crackleThis is a quick way to get a crackle effect, the long way takes about 3 days, this took just about 40 minutes. I started with a blank, smooth, white card. I then used IndigoBlu English Cottage Artists Acrylic Paint.  I used two dark colours (blue and green) first, randomly covering all the card. I then dried it with a heat gun before applying FlitterGlu to the whole card. Next I mixed in two separate tubs korma crackle with a very small amount of two lighter colours of the acrylic paint (pink and orange). This was then spread over the card with a pallet knife. This is the tricky bit as you need a good medium to thick level layer. My first attempt above you can see I had some thick and thin areas but this is also because I did not wait about 1/2 an hour to let it self level before blast drying it with a heat gun for about 5 minutes. I was too impatient and dried it straight away but the effect was amazing. I somehow managed to get a totally different effect to what all the other people on the crafting retreat created. It is supposed to be quite flat to the card but mine has some real thick texture to it.  I did then let it dry on its own for while, in the mean time I created some table coasters. To fully finish the card I had to seal it, I did this with some Ranger Industries ice stickles glitter glue in coffee ice. I just squeezed some wiggles sparingly onto the card and then used my finger to rub it all over the card, and let it dry. The glitter really finished it off. Below is my mum’s creation.crackle1

I also had a go at some table coasters. I first had to cover them in Black Acrylic Gesso for a base coat. I then flitter glued one side and applied some white acrylic paint mixed in some kroma crackle. This time I waited for the crackle to level out ( about 1/2 an hour) before I used a heat gun to dry and watch it crackle. Before I sealed it with IndigoBlu Slap It On, I randomly sponged some FlitterGlu on top and rubbed some Eaton Mess guilding flakes onto it, sanded it down and ended up with effect shown below

coaster crackleI think they turned out amazingly. These could be a great idea for Christmas gifts. You can never have enough table coasters!

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