Zentangle Challenge 140

This is my second week having a go at the Diva Challenge. This weeks was really different and looks so effective. I will certainly try to remember to put little bits of Pointillism in future tangles.

This week I have started to have ago at shading to try and get a bit of depth to my tangles. I have also been on TanglePatterns.com and started to go through the alphabet of tangles as well as going through some previous diva challenges to learn more tangles. What i love so much about zentangle® is it’s endless, there are so many tangles, which can then be interpreted so differently, and then you can design your own by looking at the objects around you.

Here is my attempt at this weeks challenge and taking the plunge with shading.

zent140After doing the first tile i had to have ago at another to practice my new tangles. I love, love, love the tangle angel fish and i found Phicops on a previous challenge.zen140

I would like to say a big thank you to those who left comments last time, it really boosted my confidence.  i cant wait to see what you all came up with for this challange.

Happy Tangling!

11 thoughts on “Zentangle Challenge 140

    • Thanks Donald, i tried to leave a comment on your blog but it would not let me. I love your second tile, it must have taken you a while to complete. Its great how you can use the dots as a shading effect.

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