Shower Fluffs

With a bit of spare time to fill today i thought i would try making some shower and bath fluffs and scrubs.

To learn how to make them i bought a kit from i’ve had the kit for about a month now and finally i have some time to play.  I fully recommend learning how to make bathbombs, creamers, muffins etc. from using a kit first, you get a basic recipe from which you can then adapt once you know what you are doing. This is how i started. They make great gifts for Birthdays and Christmas for family and friends without breaking the bank.

I found this to be quite messy when whipping up the butter. it was great fun watching it double in size, very similar to egg whites. I split the amount to add different colours and fragrances. The first lot i split, i just kept as a Fluff, coloured blue and fragranced with musk, specially made for my grandad’s birthday.

shower fluff musk

With the rest i coloured it pink and added some caster sugar to make a mild scrub for my mum. I fragranced it with lucious melon, it smelt good enough to eat.

shower fluff

You only need a small amount each time you have a bath or shower, rub it all over the body, it will start to foam and leaves your skin all soft.

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