Zentangle Challenge #139

This is my first attempt at attempting a weekly challenge from “I am the diva – Certified Zentangle teacher”

I only started zentangle® a few weeks ago learning from a book called “zentangle” basics by Suzanne McNeill. I then found this amazing blog (link above) which is great for learning new tangles. This weeks challenge was called 8’s Parte Dos by Jane Eileen.

It took me few attempts to get the hang of it to start with but it kept me quiet for an hour or two.

Here are my attempts

weekly139 zenweekly139I’m really glad I have found this blog to learn new tangles, I just need to learn how to shade to really make the design pop out.

15 thoughts on “Zentangle Challenge #139

  1. Welcome to the weekly challenges your tile is great, it took me a while to work out shading but once you do it really makes the designs pop.

  2. Thank You! for all the lovely comments, just what i needed to kick start my day. Also took a look at your tiles and wow they are amazing, i definately need to be bold and try shading and even a bit of colour.

  3. Welcome to the world of Zentangle® It is fun and relaxing. Hope you get a chance to take a class sometime. Your tiles are great. I like the second one the best. Like the way that you set it off with the broken lines around the outside.

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