I’ve been Zentangled

The latest craft i have got into is zentangle®. It’s easy to do, there is no mess and its great for keeping me entertained between clients.

tangle flower

What is zentangle? it is a creative art form where all you need is paper, pencil and pen. All you do is draw structured patterns which turn into fabulous art. anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a good drawer, just let your creativity flow. The above picture is zentangle inspired art, it uses a flower stamp for the outline and in each space I drew a different pattern and embellished the berries with bling.

Zentangle was designed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, you can learn it by going on an official course or I learnt zentangle from a book “zentangle basics” by Suzanne McNeill which is £3.74 delievered for free from amazon.co.uk. You will need some black permanent markers of different thickness, assorted packs can be found for under £10 most places.

I started as the book suggested by cutting out some 3 1/2 inch squares of thin 200gsm white card (the book said smooth art paper but this worked well)

To get started, use a pencil to make a dot in each corner, connect them (this does not have to be neat in fact it’s better if you go wavy). Now you can draw some guide lines either a zigzag, loop, x or swirl.

Switch to a pen and draw tangle patterns into sections formed by the guide lines. each tangle is unique with hundreds of variations, it’s not planned and mistakes can be improved and become part of the design.

Here are a few websites you can visit for some inspiration





Since I started this, I now see patterns everywhere from wallpaper, envelopes, photo frames, windows etc. Here are some of my first zentangle inspired pieces after practicing tiles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next project will be combining iris folding with zentangle

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